Proactive Video Monitoring

Reduce false alarms with Proactive Video Monitoring and Mobile Security Trailers

Security systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but even with these advancements, false alarms remain a problem for many businesses. False alarms are disruptive, costly, and often frustrating as they can lead to wasted time, unnecessary police calls, and more. However, proactive video monitoring can help reduce false alarms and provide businesses with a higher level of security. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of proactive video monitoring and why it is an essential tool for businesses looking to improve their security.

What is proactive video monitoring?

Proactive video monitoring is a real-time security solution that uses advanced analytics to detect and alert security personnel of potential security threats. This technology is designed to identify abnormal behavior, such as movement detected in restricted areas, and send alerts to security operators in real-time. Proactive video monitoring helps businesses identify potential security threats before they materialize, reducing the incidence of false alarms and improving overall security.

Increased Accuracy

Conventional motion detectors work well, but over time, they can become sensitive to the environment and generate false alarms. Proactive video monitoring, however, uses highly advanced algorithms that are specifically designed to detect unusual behavior. As a result, this technology reduces the number of false alarms and provides businesses with a high level of accuracy.


One of the main reasons why businesses continue to rely on conventional security systems that produce false alarms is that they believe that proactive video monitoring is expensive. However, the application of this technology is becoming increasingly affordable, and businesses can take advantage of this technology to reduce false alarms and improve overall security.

Enhanced Security

Proactive video monitoring offers businesses the peace of mind that their property is under constant surveillance. This technology provides real-time notifications in case of any mishap, which reduces the waiting time for a response to an event.

24/7 Monitoring

Proactive video monitoring provides continuous 24/7 monitoring, meaning that businesses are always under surveillance, even during off-hours. This technology allows businesses to keep an eye on their property even in the middle of the night, reducing the possibility of burglaries, and other crimes.

Safeguard your Business

False alarms can be costly and disrupt business operations, which is why proactive video monitoring is a must-have for businesses that prioritize security. This technology offers increased accuracy, enhanced security, is cost-effective, and provides continuous 24/7 monitoring. By leveraging proactive video monitoring in conjunction with our Mobile Security Trailers, businesses can detect potential hazards at an early stage, enabling timely reaction and minimizing the frequency of security personnel responding to false alarms. Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report can be viewed below in the infographic.

Reduce false alarms with Proactive Video Monitoring


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