Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion Alarms

Keep Your Building Safe

The key to protecting your commercial or industrial property from intruders is a security system that works both inside and outside simultaneously. This is the type of high-caliber intrusion detection you receive from ESI Fire & Security Protection.

Our commercial intrusion detection systems combine a quality, user-friendly alarm panel with motion sensors placed at entryways and numerous points throughout your building. After we’ve discovered your specific security concerns, our professional technicians will design a system that provides the effective intrusion detection solution your business needs. 

You’ll quickly find that our products and services go beyond basic alarm system installation. For any business that needs it, our intrusion detection systems can be integrated with video surveillance cameras, access control systems, and other electronic security solutions.

No matter what features you choose to incorporate into your own system, the result is a commercial security system that always works, all day, every day. 

Integrate Your Intrusion Detection System

For large commercial or industrial properties, it simply makes sense to integrate your video surveillance, access controls, and intruder alarms into a comprehensive, customized, all-points protection system.

Keep in mind that businesses not only use video for intrusion detection but for business intelligence functions as well. Security footage is easily viewed on your system and can be used to review activities in and around your property. Whether that activity was committed by outside intruders or internal staff, you’ll be able to stay on top of any events that occur.
An integrated access control system works alongside your intrusion detection system ensuring only authorized people enter your buildings.

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