Top Vulnerabilities of Vacant Buildings

Top Vulnerabilities of Vacant Buildings

Unforeseen events can cause lengthy business closures and delays on building projects. This can leave buildings vacant and vulnerable to a host of threats that can damage the property and can cost huge amounts of money to rectify.
If you own or manage a vacant or unoccupied property, it is important to understand these additional risks and the tools necessary to protect against them.

Copper Theft

Despite efforts to control scrap metal sales, demand for metal continues to drive theft. Copper has a high value, used in many applications, and is nearly endlessly recyclable. Unfortunately, because of this, vacant buildings become a target and are often gutted for copper pipes and copper wiring.
Occupants often serve as a deterrent to metal theft because they can report any damage or suspicious activity. When a building is unoccupied, thieves can dedicate days to gutting and stripping an entire facility of all copper or anything else of value.


Unoccupied buildings are also a target of vandalism. Large empty spaces are attractive to graffiti artists and taggers. Windows become vulnerable to getting broken out to either gain entrance or in target practice. Fixtures, cabinets, and virtually everything else can be subject to costly damage.


Empty buildings also attract squatters. Some may be seeking shelter, others may be seeking a place to conduct criminal activities. Either can cause untold damage to the building and create safety risks to further occupancy.

Reducing Risks

Property owners should take steps to protect the perimeter to prevent unlawful entry. In addition to proper fencing and lighting, Mobile Security Trailers utilizing proactive video monitoring and live voice intervention have been proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of security in reducing vulnerabilities.

Why are Mobile Security Trailers So Effective?

MSTs combines advanced analytics, video surveillance, and human intervention technologies to provide:
  • Complete 24/7/365 security
  • Coverage of large, dark, or remote areas
  • Security that is not impacted by fatigue, inattentiveness, fear, intimidation, or dishonesty
  • Live call-down intervention
  • Swift Law Enforcement response
  • Decreased security costs

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