Mobile Security Trailers

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Autonomous, Powerful, Live Mobile Video Surveillance

Criminals love remote, hard to protect areas and take advantage of them for theft, vandalism, dumping, and squatting, causing untold damages. Stop crime, and protect your people and your margins with ESI Mobile Security Trailers and Proactive Video Monitoring. Our solution provides significantly enhanced security with live video surveillance, immediate live call down and intervention.

ESI Mobile Security Trailers use sophisticated technologies, and are efficient, cost-saving, and highly effective in tough environments such as at industrial or construction sites, railroads, public events, and more. Find out how you can save money and increase security with ESI.


Proactive Video Monitoring

Verifies intruders in real-time to reduce false alarms and increase response times to real threats. Live audio call-down significantly deters crime and provides support to law enforcement. Please checkout our Proactive Video Monitoring in action here.

Solar Powered Units

Our autonomous, solar powered, units utilize 1200-watt and 900-watt solar panels, back up batteries, and optional self-starting generators. The units are durable, weather-resistant, completely customizable, and competitively priced.

Scalable Solution

Big or small, we’ve got you covered. Our Mobile Surveillance Trailers are easily deployed, can go nearly anywhere, and provide a vast 360° view of the site for a powerful mobile solution unmatched in the industry.

Cost Effective

The ESI Mobile Surveillance solution lowers your liability when compared to other video monitoring solutions. Because it provides real-time response and can cover multiple areas at once more effectively and reliably, you will save an average of 80% compared to the cost of security guards.

Critical Security Concerns


Incidents of theft are on the rise and thieves are getting increasingly sophisticated and emboldened in their pursuits. No criminal, no matter how smart, wants to get caught. That’s why our solution works. Our Live Video Proactive Video Monitoring and Intervention services deter criminals in their tracks.


Whether a person enters a site with the intent to damage property or if they are loitering and causing damage in the process, vandalism is a huge cost that can be avoided. With ESI you can rest assured we’ll always be watching for trespassers and deterring them before property damage ever occurs.


Every site possesses dangers inherent to the location, industry, event, and types of machinery or materials present. If someone enters the site, even illegally, the owners can be sued if they should become injured in some way. Our solution deters unauthorized individuals from entering the site and can prevent serious liability issues.


Security guards are highly effective, but cannot be everywhere at once. Having an ESI Mobile Surveillance Unit is like having an additional guard for every camera. With live, real-time audio intervention, and an expansive field of view, trained and watchful eyes cover more of your property without being subject to distraction or other vulnerabilities.

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