Emergency Lighting 101

Emergency Lighting 101

Emergency lighting is an essential component of life safety systems. In an emergency such as a fire, buildings can become dark, making it difficult for occupants to find a way out. Working exit lights also aid in maintaining order, preventing panic, enabling safe movement throughout the building, and contributing to a timely evacuation.

Local and state laws may designate the required style, number of fixtures, and placement, so it is very important to consult with a fire and security professional to ensure you are compliant. 

What Constitutes Emergency Lighting? 

According to NFPA 101, Article 7.10, the elements which compose an emergency lighting system include:

  • Lighting units that illuminate and designate the means of egress when power failure has occurred
  • Exit signs and lighting illuminating and designating the exits and discharge points

What Happens If Emergency Lighting is Not Up to Code? 

Since emergency lighting isn’t used daily, it is easy to forget its importance or maintenance. But not having and maintaining emergency lighting can cause serious problems down the road. Here are just a few. 

  • Code compliance penalties range in the hundreds of dollars, depending on city or state ordinances.
  • You risk potential shut down of operations, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on when you can finally get the issues with your emergency egress lighting addressed.
  • You present a possible danger to the occupants, which could lead to real personal injury in the event of an emergency or power outage, and they can’t safely exit with a clearly marked path. This can lead to costly lawsuits. 

So What Should You  Do About Emergency Lighting?

To have lighting installed or an existing system maintained, it is always best to call a qualified professional. A professional can make sure your building is code compliant with the right technologies, placed correctly, and maintained properly. 

Emergency Lighting Systems in Houston Area

If you are looking for Emergency Lighting systems in Houston, look no further than ESI Fire and Security. We offer emergency lighting installation, annual emergency lighting system inspections, testing, and maintenance. If you have questions about Emergency Lighting systems or requirements in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or surrounding areas, we are happy to help.

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