Honeywell's 70 Series AI Camera

Discover the revolutionary capabilities of Honeywell’s 70 Series AI Camera, featuring advanced artificial intelligence and smart video analytics for improved situational awareness, reduced false alarms, and superior image quality even in low light. Learn how this cutting-edge solution enhances cybersecurity, facilitates license plate and facial recognition, and offers easy installation and flexibility for various applications.



In an era where security threats are evolving, businesses and organizations require advanced surveillance solutions to ensure safety and efficiency. Enter Honeywell’s latest innovation: the 70 Series AI Camera. With its groundbreaking features and benefits, this camera is set to redefine the standards of surveillance technology.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Smart Analytics

The 70 Series AI Camera boasts built-in video analytics designed to minimize false alarms and enhance perimeter protection. Its smart analytics include motion detection, intrusion detection, loitering detection, line crossing detection, and unattended or missing object detection. Moreover, the camera offers facial recognition and license plate recognition capabilities, empowering users with unparalleled situational awareness.


Exceptional Cybersecurity and Compliance

Security is paramount, which is why the 70 Series AI Camera is equipped with robust cybersecurity features. With the Ubuntu Core Linux operating system and FIPS 140-2 certified chipset, the camera ensures secure boot management and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, it complies with NDAA Section 889 requirements, providing peace of mind to users concerned about regulatory compliance.


Superior HD Image Quality

Capturing clear and detailed footage is essential for effective surveillance. The 70 Series AI Camera delivers on this front with up to 8MP resolution and True WDR (>130 dB) technology, which eliminates glare and produces high-quality images in varying lighting conditions. Its adaptive smart IR technology ensures optimal visibility even in low-light environments, enhancing overall surveillance effectiveness.


Rugged and Flexible Design

Built to withstand harsh environments, the 70 Series AI Camera is water/dust-proof (IP 66/67), IK10, and NEMA 4X rated, making it suitable for outdoor deployment. It supports multiple mounting options and complies with ONVIF Profile S, T, and G standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of surveillance systems.


Easy Installation and Use

Setting up the 70 Series AI Camera is hassle-free, thanks to its built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, which eliminates the need for a separate power supply and associated wiring. Users can configure the camera via Wi-Fi, web client, or NVR, allowing for seamless integration into existing security infrastructure.


Facial Recognition Watchlist Alerting

The integration of Oosto’s OnWatch Real-Time Watchlist Alerting solution with the 70 Series AI Camera stands out as a pinnacle feature. This seamless fusion of facial recognition technology with Honeywell’s cutting-edge cameras empowers users to swiftly pinpoint persons of interest and address potential threats in real-time. Not only does this capability bolster security measures, but it also underscores a commitment to privacy by automatically obscuring the faces of innocent bystanders, thus ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. Supported by findings from a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which highlighted the substantial advancements in facial recognition algorithms, this integration solidifies the camera’s efficacy in modern security applications.


Edge Deployment for Enhanced Efficiency

Traditional surveillance systems often rely on centralized servers for video processing, leading to increased costs and potential bottlenecks. The 70 Series AI Camera revolutionizes this approach by performing image and face vectoring processing at the edge, reducing the strain on central servers and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Moreover, this edge deployment results in higher quality, rapid processing, and reduced bandwidth usage, making it an ideal solution for scalable and efficient surveillance operations.

In conclusion, Honeywell’s 70 Series AI Camera represents a significant advancement in surveillance technology, offering unparalleled features, reliability, and efficiency. Whether deployed for perimeter protection, facial recognition, or license plate recognition, this versatile camera is poised to meet the diverse needs of modern security applications. Stay ahead of evolving threats and elevate your security infrastructure with the 70 Series AI Camera from Honeywell.


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