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Reliable Access Control Systems

An access control security system integrates a number of different components to develop the safest and most reliable security system possible. You’ll be able to better protect your business’s property, personnel, and visitors by monitoring all access coming into and leaving any department or facility. Take complete control of your building with our help.

ESI Fire & Security Protection will work with you to develop a custom solution that keeps your facilities safe and secure by integrating the latest security technologies available. Contact us today for additional details.

Take Control of Your Business in 3 Stages



Access control systems offer control over accessibility into a facility or area within a facility. ESI Fire & Security Protection can create systems of any size. Whether you need to accommodate a few simple doors or need a tiered system over hundreds of doors that breaks down into different levels of approved access with time restrictions on specific doors.

No need is too large or small for our dedicated, experienced team. With the use of a properly installed access control system, your administrators will be able to monitor all the activities and locations of your employees throughout the premises.



Work with ESI Fire & Security Protection to set real goals regarding your business’s protection so that we can find the solution that perfectly meets your expectations. Whether you simply want to secure perimeter doors or are looking for a multi-level security approach, we’ll design a system that best meets your unique needs.

We’ll consider all of our options such as key card access control systems, keypads, and readers. Each option offers a unique brand of security for your property. Together we’ll find a system that is user-friendly, is functional, and provides the types and levels of safety and security that satisfy the needs of yourself, your employees, and your business.



Oftentimes, the installation of an integrated access control system is only 1 piece of the security puzzle. Access control is a great starting point. From there, we can integrate closed circuit TV systems, intrusion or burglar detection systems, and fire alarm systems.

ESI Fire & Security Protection is your source for a complete turnkey single solution. Integration allows for a single operating system with less overall training and simpler ease of use. Overall integration provides an excellent, cost-effective way to manage multiple security systems under one roof.


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