Mobile Security Trailers


Mobile Security Trailers in Houston, Texas

Able to go nearly anywhere, deploy easily and provide 360° view of the site, Mobile Surveillance Units are your most flexible solution. Using the latest sophisticated technologies that make surveillance more efficient, more effective as well as portable means you can improve safety, even in harsh environments such as:

• Construction sites
• Petrochemical fields
• Retail Parking
• Temporary outdoor special event venues
• And more!

Reliable and weather-resistant, Mobile security trailers are a powerful tool for overall safety and security.

Portable Video Surveillance Trailer

Solar powered units also have backup batteries and generators so you’ll always have continuous power, regardless of infrastructure availability or off-grid circumstances. Each unit can easily be moved to any other location where you have a surveillance need. If your work requires outdoor locations to be moved around frequently, temporarily or if your vulnerability changes, a mobile surveillance trailer system is the perfect solution for your operational safety.


Proactive Video Monitoring

ESI’s Mobile Security Trailers feature Proactive Video Monitoring, an enhanced form of video surveillance that includes real-time voice intervention via loud speaker directed to the perpetrators at the scene. Live audio call-down:

• Deter intruders and trespassers
• Faster response times to threats
• Reduce crime and liabilities
• Support law enforcement

Having an ESI Mobile Surveillance Unit is like having an additional guard for every camera. With an expansive field of view combined with real-time audio intervention, you can cover far more ground than you would with traditional guard officers or video cameras alone.




Your operating liabilities can easily be reduced when compared to other more expensive solutions. On average, mobile security trailers cost 80% less than human security officer staffing. With a mobile security trailer, you can cover multiple areas simultaneously with greater reliability and effectiveness.

Operational Security Concerns

Every site has dangers that are unique to the location, industry, event or type of equipment or materials present. Various industrial infrastructure projects, such as oil and gas production, are remote and spread out in the open making security difficult. Unauthorized entry to a site, even without the intent to cause property damage, can become an avoidable expense. When unauthorized entry or presence occurs, your organization could be held liable for any injuries that may happen. Criminals will seek out and target remote, hard-to-protect areas and take advantage of them for theft, vandalism, dumping, squatting and anything else their imagination can create. It’s critical for operations to keep these sites under constant surveillance to ensure the safety of staff, vendors, visitors and the surrounding environment.

The Importance of Mobile Surveillance Trailers in Houston, Texas

Galveston has a crime rate of 38 reported incidents for every thousand residents, earning this southern beachside town one of the highest crime rates in the U.S. when compared to communities of all sizes. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Galveston, Texas is 1 in 27.


Complete Security Solutions for Your Home & Business

All installed video surveillance components can be integrated with existing systems that you may already have. Once your project is complete, all components will work seamlessly together with other security system layers such as alarms, access controls, and more. If your security needs go beyond video surveillance, the dedicated professionals at ESI Fire & Security Protection can integrate other protection layers into your system, such as:

Fire Alarms
Intrusion Alarms
Video Surveillance
Access Control
Emergency Lighting
Fire Extinguishers
Sprinkler Systems
Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection
BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) System Installations

Get all your residential and commercial security needs taken care of with a single phone call. There’s no reason to rely on multiple providers.


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